Pain Filled, Numb Feet? – Our Option for a Frustrating Problem

Pain Filled Feet

Neuropathy is an often pain filled condition that can put limits on quality of life. Put simply, peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage resulting from poor blood flow to nerves in the feet, legs or hands. Peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common complications of diabetes, but may also be caused by circulatory problems, medications, chemotherapy or radiation, alcohol, and unknown causes.

A clinically proven program is available, however, that may reduce the discomfort of neuropathy and help patients recapture the life they once enjoyed. More than 5,000 therapists, nurses and doctors are now using and recommending this comprehensive therapy program.

What is the approach to caring for those with neuropathy?

We begin with an individual assessment of the patient’s functional difficulties, then design a specialized therapy program to help patients reach their goals.

Why use Anodyne as part of a comprehensive therapy program?

Anodyne emits infrared photo energy to increase circulation and temporarily reduce pain in the area it is applied. It has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of infrared photo energy by using highly efficient light emitting diodes placed in direct skin contact.

What should you expect?

Most patients say that Anodyne Therapy feels warm and soothing. Others say they feel some tingling and pulsing. This is normal as blood flow returns to the area. Some patients respond very quickly, while others take longer based on their degree of impairment. Caregivers will work with patients as long as they are willing and care experts can continue to show that the patient’s condition is improving.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported as long as Anodyne Therapy is properly used and monitored. If patients have diabetes, blood sugars should be checked more often during any change in therapy or activity.

Will pain be reduced?

Pain is often the first symptom to improve, while functional improvements may take more therapy. Several pain studies involving more than 1,000 patients have been done using Anodyne Therapy. The first study examined 784 patients with chronic pain who were unresponsive to ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot packs and medications. Nearly 89 percent of the patients had excellent to total pain relief within twelve 30-minute Anodyne Therapy sessions. The second study surveyed 252 patients with diabetes who had foot and leg pain. After receiving a comprehensive therapy program that included Anodyne treatments, 87 percent reported a significant reduction in foot and leg pain. As these studies show, while not every patient experiences pain relief, the vast majority do.

Is treatment ongoing?

We may recommend home exercises to help the patient continue to improve. We may also suggest continued use of Anodyne Therapy at home for ongoing pain relief and to help maintain circulation. Medicare or private insurance may cover the Anodyne Therapy Home System with a prescription.


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